Member profile: Dr John Ayuk

Rare Disease Day is coming up on Saturday 28 February so we’ve decided to use this opportunity to highlight the work of our members on rare endocrine diseases. First up, Society for Endocrinology member Dr John Ayuk has given a short interview on his current work and career to date.

picDr John Ayuk is a Consultant Endocrinologist and  Service Lead for Endocrinology at University Hospital Birmingham. His research and clinical interests include the pathogenesis and management of pituitary tumours, neuroendocrine tumours and multiple endocrine neoplasia type. Continue reading “Member profile: Dr John Ayuk”

Oxytocin: love in the air, junk in the literature

by Professor Gareth Leng

volesA beautiful story, from a host of elegant work on voles, has popularised the idea that oxytocin released in the brain is a “love hormone”, instrumental in forming long term bonds between sexual partners. Understandably, a huge amount of interest has been aroused about whether oxytocin has similar effects in man. Continue reading “Oxytocin: love in the air, junk in the literature”