CDW – keeping my career on track

by Dr Kate Lines

Career Development Workshop (CDW) 2014Picture1

October saw a group of us head off to a remote (but beautiful) Gloucestershire country house for a three day “lock-in” to learn as much as we could about developing our careers. I was lucky enough to be one of 7 people who were selected to take part in track 2, the track aimed at the “old” young endocrinologists who are trying to forge an academic career and find their own funding. Track 2 offered a unique opportunity to discuss my research and future career aspirations on a one-to-one basis with three successful peers, both in a relaxed way over dinner (and drinks), and more formally during the workshop sessions. In addition, during a mock fellowship application process we each received personal advice on how to highlight our strengths and improve our weaknesses to give us the best chance of being successful in our future goals. Being such a small group allowed for personal and constructive discussions for all, as well as being a great opportunity to get to know new people at the same point in their career, and make new connections. Overall, attending this workshop gave me vital practical advice on how to move forward in my career and how to successfully apply for a fellowship. The most valuable aspect, however, was the inspiration imparted. Following the course I have a new drive to make it as an academic and believe that a fellowship is achievable. I therefore plan to take on board the personal advice on my CV, applications and interviews and apply for a fellowship in the coming years.

2014-10-19 12 09 51 CDW TRACK2
 CDW delegates October 2014

Career Development Workshop

The Society for Endocrinology hosts annual Career Development Workshops, designed to equip our Young Endocrinologists with the tools they need to build a successful, collaborative career in endocrinology research. Taking place over three days, the Workshops provided a unique opportunity for delegates to focus on their careers in the presence of leading academic mentors. Each Workshop is split into two tracks: Track 1 aimed at PhD students and junior postdoctoral scientists and Track 2 aimed at postdoctoral scientists who are applying for fellowships.

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Check out the Society for Endocrinology careers page for more information on careers and development in endocrinology and diabetes. We also have a brand new booklet on Clinical Careers in Endocrinology and Diabetes available for download.

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