Debunking the Open Access Myths, Open Access Week 19-25th October 2015


Nature’s 2015 Authors’ Insights Survey suggests that open-access (OA) perceptions are changing.  However, our journal’s team find that concerns are still rife. As part of International Open Access Week, SfE’s OA journals, Endocrine Connections and Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports (both published by Bioscientifica), are addressing the most commonly expressed OA ‘myths’ and reviewing the evidence to refute them.  Continue reading “Debunking the Open Access Myths, Open Access Week 19-25th October 2015”

Oxytocin: love in the air, junk in the literature

by Professor Gareth Leng

volesA beautiful story, from a host of elegant work on voles, has popularised the idea that oxytocin released in the brain is a “love hormone”, instrumental in forming long term bonds between sexual partners. Understandably, a huge amount of interest has been aroused about whether oxytocin has similar effects in man. Continue reading “Oxytocin: love in the air, junk in the literature”